Help us close the gap in funding for ALL Indiana Public School Students.

Hoosier students deserve parity in funding, no matter what public school they choose.

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Indianapolis Public Schools offers more referendum funding for Innovation charters amid pressure

A revised revenue-sharing plan from Indianapolis Public Schools to increase the amount of funding affiliated charter schools would receive from a potential tax hike is still inadequate, charter …

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Charter schools want closing buildings. Does IPS have to give them up for $1?

School pride looks a little different at Victory College Prep, a K-12 charter school on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Each month, the school’s kindergarten through sixth graders gather in the …

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Bart Peterson and Teresa Lubbers: In funding, let’s treat all public-school students fairly

In Indiana, we can tell a lot about a community by looking at its schools, surely one of the greatest factors in families choosing to grow roots in a certain city or town.

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